Policies of ANHI industries:

Our industrial policy (IP) is its official strategic effort to encourage the development and growth of all or part of the economy, health and environment often focused on all or part of manufacturing sector.

                (HSE)Health Safety Environmental Policies 


Occupational Health & Safety policy

ANHI industry is committed to continuous improvement of its OH&S Management System for the achievement of healthy, safe and conducive environment. We are highly concerned about providing the healthy and safe environment to our employees to avoid any hazards.

Personal Protective Equipment Policy

ANHI Industry is committed to provide PPEs to all employees where there is any exposure to potential hazards. Personal protective equipment play an important role in reducing the effects of an incident on people involved in it. The company recognizes and shall ensure to provide the PPEs for the protections like: Head Protection, Foot/instep protection, Eye protection, hand protection and breathing protection etc.

Employers are required to train each employee who must use PPE. We ensure Employees must be
trained to know the PPE.

Fire Safety Policy

It is the policy of ANHI Industry to encourage and supports a high quality approach to maintaining
a fire safe environment. Company shall make necessary arrangement to ensure the protection of
workforce from any occurrence of accident / incident.

Medical / Social Security PolicY

It is the policy of ANHI Industry to provide the benefits of Social Security or Medical facility after
the probation period of 3 months. Social Security department provides the workers with the facility
of free medical treatment in both indoor and outdoor.


Health, Safety & Environment Policy

It is the policy of ANHI Industry that to provide the safe & healthy working environment including
protection from fire, accidents and toxic substances to our valuable workforce. We believe that
safe & healthy working environment is the right of every employee and organization is committed
to maintain and continuously improve the Health, Safety & Environmental conditions by adoption
of Health, Safety & Environmental Management System.

Smoking Policy:

It is the policy of ANHI Industry that all workforces shall not be allowed to smoke in working areas. Only nominated areas shall be allowed for smoking near factory entrance gate. Moreover company discourages smoking as it is injurious to health of employees and wastage of money.

Environmental Policy

ANHI Industry is committed to continuous improvement of its Environmental Management System (EMS) for the achievement of safe and conducive environment. We are highly concerned about the Prevention of Pollution free environment for the safe living.

The relevant NEQS (National Environmental Quality Standards) of Pakistan

Environmental Law and Guidelines

To sustain this commitment, the requirements are comprehensively mentioned in the document of environmental management system of ISO 14001. These apply to all related activities in our industry.

This policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated at all levels within the company and is available to public for their interest.                                           

Solid Waste Management Policy 

It is the policy of ANHI Industry to manage the waste of manufacturing process as per Environmental Management System (EMS). Industry shall follow the environmental law 1997 for classification and reduction of wastes by adoption of technical support. This Policy of solid waste management covers both the management of waste and assessment of GHG (green House Gas Emission) impact. The Policy has the following objectives:

  • To reduce the negative impact of waste mismanagement on the environment, economy, and society.
  • To minimize waste generation and maximize resource efficiency, across the product life cycle

 Cleaner Energy Resource Policy

 ANHI Industry policy is to completely shift on clean and energy efficient resource so our dependency on non-renewable resource can reduced. Solar power is the key to a clean energy future. ANHI Industry proudly announce to shift on solar energy for renewable resource. Every day, the sun gives off far more energy than we need to power everything on earth. That’s why we’re investing heavily in solar plants. The main advantage is that it is a renewable, clean source of electricity.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Policy

It is the policy of ANHI Industry that the 3Rs of Waste Management should be implemented within the industry building. The production of waste should be reduced as much as possible, through technological interventions, and the replacement of plastics with biodegradable materials.

 Waste is a product that is not useful to the person generating it. But it could serve as raw material for industry or be useful in other ways. Therefore, at the next level of the solid waste management hierarchy, whatever waste is generated should be reused as much as possible. The third-level strategy could be recycling of the waste products for reuse as alternatives to fresh raw materials. Recycling reduces the waste going into landfill sites, and hence also reduces GHG emissions. At the same time, it decreases the use of energy in the production of fresh raw materials, and is also a mitigation measure for that reason